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The Department of Mathematics, BIT was established in 1979. Prof. M. ChowdeGowda and Prof. D. Prakash were the first to join the Department in 1980. Late Prof. K Kenchaiah headed the Department between 1981 and 2001. In 2001, the number of faculty members had risen to seven, two of whom, Dr. G Rohini and Dr. C D Suruma Devi had doctoral degree in Fluid Mechanics. Prof. M. Chowde Gowda was the Head of the Department during 2001 – 2014. During his tenure in 2005, Research Centre affiliated to VTU at Department of Mathematics was established. Dr. C D Surma Devi was the Head of the Department during 2014 – 2016. Between 2016 – 2021 Dr K M Roopa was the Head of the Department. During her period open electives for 6th and 7th semester such as Linear algebra and Advanced Mathematical Methods in Engineering were offered.

The Department of Mathematics has highly accomplished teaching faculty with specialization in various disciplines such as Fluid Mechanics, Graph Theory, Mathematical Modelling, Transportation GIS and Applied Mathematics. Presently, the Department is headed by Dr K. Manjula. Currently, there are 11 teaching staff out of which, four faculty members are with Doctoral degree and four faculty members are pursuing. The Department handles all Mathematics papers of UG and PG programs and it is known for attaining very high pass percentage over the years. The Department also has an active involvement in organizing the workshops and conferences on Mathematical sciences & related software.

Dr. K Manjula.
Professor & Head

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Learning and Doing Mathematics in the right way nurtures and enhances the capacity to “think” - main ingredient to problem framing and solving. Engineers apply the theories and principles of science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems. Therefore the purpose and aim of a prospective engineer is different from the student who opts for mathematics as part of the general education. Any mathematics course designed for engineering course focuses on concrete problems that arise in different streams of engineering. Topics such as differential equations, real and complex analysis, numerical analysis, Fourier analysis, Tensor analysis, Linear Algebra and Probability are of relevance to all streams of Engineering. Computer Science Engineering and allied UG programs, in addition require a strong foundational knowledge of Binary Mathematics and Discrete Mathematics.

Binary math is the heart of computer operation and among the most essential types of math used in computer science. Binary number system is used in computer designing. Discrete Mathematics includes topics such as logic, number theory, combinatorics, graph theory and recurrences. Discrete Mathematics provides an important foundation for all areas of computer science. It is used in computer architecture, algorithms, databases, functional programming, machine learning, operating systems, computer security and networks