Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) CELL

Innovation is speculation not an observation dealing with real life scenarios by creating it and taking action. IPR is the legal action protecting speculation towards innovation by up surging the prosperity fostering invention and innovation. In modern technological competitive environment, an IPR holder can comprehend the value from its intellectual assets through provision of goods and services to customers by actualizing legal mechanisms alike licensing by generating revenue and building strategic alliances for socio-economic and technological development of the country. CIPAM cell to support Sensitizing and Creating IP Awareness among various organizations is the best possible way to aware stakeholders.

Objectives :

  • To create awareness about intellectual property rights (IPR) specially the patents
  • To provide necessary guidance and training about various procedures of patent search and application filing
  • To envelop potentiality between participants to think beyond the curriculum introducing inter disciplinary thinking
  • To foster innovative minds among participants
  • To identify protectable innovations
  • To suggest steps for transforming innovations into proprietary assets
  • Utilize the IP information in their Research development

Committee List:

  • Chief Patron: KCSCT
  • Patron: CIPAM
  • Convener: Dr. Aswath M. U
  • Co-ordinator: Dr K.M.Roopa
  • Technical Program Committee: Dr. Davy George, Dr. Dhananjay M & Dr. K. V. Deepak
  • Registration Committee: Prof. Jayasheela. C.S & Dr. A. Chandrasekhar
  • Refreshment & Finance: Dr. Aswathappa. P, Dr. H. B. Nagesh & Prof. Navaneeth.N
  • Transport Committee: Dr. Dhananjay M & Dr. K. V. Deepak
  • Communication & Invitation Committee: Dr. H N Redappa
  • Reception & Venue Preparation –Dr. M.Rajeswari
  • Anchoring: Dr. Vatsala
  • Technical Support: Prof. Mahesh Chandra & Dharma
  • Brochure and invitation contents: Dr. K. M. Roopa, Dr. Dhanajaya M & Dr. Chaluva Raj
  • Certificates for Participants: KSCST
  • Practical Session: Dr. Jalaja & Dr. Vatsala
  • Honorarium: Dr. K. M. Roopa & Dr. Madhusudhana M.
  • Test: Dr. K. M. Roopa
  • Report of the programme: Dr. K. M. Roopa, Prof. S. S. Vidya & Dr. M.Rajeswari
  • Photograph: Mr. Arun Kumar H V & Ashwin H K