To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the armed forces. To develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, and ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.


  1. Understand the community in which they work.
  2. Understand themselves in relation to their community.
  3. Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving.
  4. Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  5. Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems.
  6. Regular Activities. NSS volunteers generally work in villages, slums and voluntary agencies to complete 120 hours of regular activities during an academic year.

NSS committee members:

Sl. No.NameDepartment
1Mr. Niranjan EECE
2Mrs. Rashmi ReddyCivil
3Mr. K.T. DasegowdaSports

Roles & Responsibilities of the members of NSS committee:

  • The committee shall take the active interest in general welfare of the students residing in the Institute.
  • The committee act as bridge between the administration and students.


Blood Donation

BIT along with Lions club of Bangalore BTM Nightingale had organized blood donation in our campus.


  • Eco club collaborated with Rotaract Bangalore West and conducted an Anti-plastic drive in and around local shops and schools of Yeshwanthpur.
  • We provided JUTE bags to shopkeepers as alternatives and promoted their usage.
  • We also demonstrated reusability and recyclablity of jute bags to the localites.
  • More of such drives will be implemented in future


  • ECO club attended the event held by Rotary clubs at Bangalore University.
  • The event consisted of planting several plant saplings of different varieties by dignitaries and students as well.

The main motive of the event was to promote and spread awareness about afforestation and climate change.  


  • An idea which turned into initiative for a cleaner and greener BIT.
  • The SWACHH BIT initiative was a huge success and we the ECO Club along with leo club feel honoured to have accomplish this event.
  • Swacch BIT was a great  initiative taken by eco club in collaboration with leo club.
  • The event witnessed 200 volunteers from various branches making it grand success.
  • The volunteers were divided into groups and each groups were guided by club members, the group were allotted places in and around collage campus for cleaning.
  • I CHANGE MY CITY organization supported us by supplying the necessary things like gloves and mask.