All the faculties of the BIT community are engaged in creating new knowledge and BIT brings an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to this work of discovery. Faculties take on audacious problems, bring imaginative new approaches to solving them, and work collaboratively to advance knowledge and make meaningful contributions to our world.

BIT comprises of 132-research scholars from all the research centers.

Dedicated Research Centers@BIT

  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering.
  • Department of Information Science & Engineering.
  • Department of Electronic & Communication.
  • Department of Telecommunication & Engineering.
  • Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Technology.
  • Department of Civil Engineering.
  • Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Department of Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Department of Chemistry.
  • Department of Mathematics.

Funds received

List of Projects carried out in Chemistry Department

Sl. No. Name of the funding agency Name of the scheme Year of funding Duration Amount sanctioned Status Completed/ Ongoing
1 DST SERC 2007 3 years Rs.19,92,200/- Completed
2 Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum Research promotion 2010 3 years Rs 7,50,000/- Completed
3 DST SERC 1993 5 years Rs.8,78,796/- Completed
4 DAE BRNS 1997 3.8 years Rs.13,66,892/- Completed
5 DST SERC 2000 3 years Rs.17,64,614/- Completed
6 DAE BRNS 2004 3 years Rs.11,06,900/- Completed

List of Projects carried out in Mechanical Department

Dr. S Vidyashankar Prof & PG Coordinator

Sl. No. Funding Agency Program Project Name - Short Title Duration Amount In Lakhs Status
1 AICTE MODROBS Modernization of Machine shop 1 years 15 Completed
2 VTU VTU R & D Scheme Development of Carbon Nanotubes 2 years 15 Under progress
Total 30 Lakhs


Sl. No. Funding Agency Program Project Name - Short Title Amount In Lakhs Status
1 CPRI, Ministry of Power, Government Of India Steam turbine rotor shrinks RSOP(Research Scheme on Power) scheme 7.58 Completed