A M Shivaram

Associate Professor & HOD

MCA Department was established in 1997.The department is having 60 intake and is a full-fledged department with well qualified & experienced faculty. Considering all available infrastructural facilities, VTU has accorded a permanent affiliation to the department . So far, our department has bagged ELEVEN ranks including three in 2013.

We are very proud to announce that, Government of Karnataka has sanctioned Rs. 20,00,000/-( Twenty Lakhs) as a research grant to our MCA department during 2015.

Our students are placed in very reputed software industries including Infosys, WIPRO, IBM, Microsoft, TCS, MINDTREE, Honeywell, Congnizant, Igate, Informatica, Applied Materials, Nokia Siemens, Sapient, Fidelity etc.

Our department has MoU with IBM for Rational software Architecture which costs about Rupees 4.75 lakh. Our department has Students Association with “MCA MASTERMINDS”. The association is mainly involved in conducting various students’ personality development programs including Technical, Cultural, Soft skills, etc.

Our students recently participated in technical events in other leading colleges including Manipal Institute of Technology - Manipal, NMAM Institute of Technology - Nitte, Mount Carmel college, Christ University, T John Institute of Technology, SJCE-Mysore, RVCE , RNSIT, AMC, CITY College, have won first prize & second prize in many events. Our college conducts Techno-Cultural Fest every year. Our MCA department alone conducts many events such as Web Design, IT Quiz, Coding and Debugging, Slow-Drag, etc.,. The department is regularly publishing the department News letter “BIT WISE” which provides a platform to the students to showcase their talents.

In the recent past, our department, in co-ordinations with B.I.T placement office has conducted 5 expert lecturers and the experts are from leading IT industry such as Congnizant, Accenture, WIPRO, Microsoft, etc.

The Dept in association with Q-Spiders has conducted three days national level workshop on “Software Testing” during Oct 29th -31st, 2013.
One of our faculty members Prof. A M. Shivaram, is pursuing his Ph. D. under the guidance of Dr. Shivanand M. Handigund. His paper titled “An Ameliorated Methodology for the Abstraction of Use Cases from the SRS” which was presented in Soft Computing and Software Engineering (ScSe) an International Conference held at University of California, Berkeley, Sutardja Dai Hall, Berkeley, California, USA, during Mar 5, 2015 - Mar 6, 2015 is published in Elsevier Journal.


To transform the young graduates into skilled professionals to meet Industrial and Societal needs.


• To enhance the Teaching learning process to meet quality education in the field of Computer applications
• To impart the knowledge in current technologies to meet the industrial needs
• To inculcate ethical values and leadership qualities for the betterment of society


• To bring up the post graduates as successful professionals in the software development, academic and entrepreneurial pursuit
• To prepare a post graduates who will find his or her identity as an individual or as a member in a team
• To disseminate the knowledge through qualified, didactic, devoted teachers
• To encourage post graduates who will thrive to pursue lifelong learning in the pursuit of fulfilling their goals


MCA programme has been designed to prepare masters in computer applications for attaining the following program outcomes:

Graduates A tributes (GAs) form a set of individually assessable outcomes that are the components indicative of the graduate’s potential to acquire competence to practice at the appropriate level. The GAs are examples of the attributes expected of a graduate from an accredited program. The computing professional Graduate Attributes of the NBA are as following:

1. Computational Knowledge:
Apply knowledge of computing fundamentals, computing specialization, mathematics, and domain knowledge appropriate for the computing specialization to the abstraction and conceptualization of computing models from defined problems and requirements.
2. Problem Analysis:
Identify, formulate, research literature, and solve complex computing problems reaching substantiated conclusions using fundamental principles of mathematics, computing sciences, and relevant domain disciplines.
3. Design /Development of Solutions:
Design and evaluate solutions for complex computing problems, and design and evaluate systems, components, or processes that meet specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
4. Conduct investigations of complex C o m p u t i n g problems:
Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of t h e information to provide valid conclusions.
5. Modern Tool Usage:
Create, select, adapt and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern computing tools to complex computing activities, with an understanding of the limitations.
6. Professional Ethics:
Understand and commit to professional ethics and cyber regulations, responsibilities, and norms of professional computing practices.
7. Life-long Learning:
Recognize the need, and have the ability, to engage in independent learning for continual development as a computing professional.
8. Project management and finance:
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the computing and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
9. Communication Efficacy:
Communicate effectively with the computing community, and with society at large, about complex computing activities by being able to comprehend and write effective reports, design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and understand clear instructions.
10. Societal and Environmental Concern:
Understand and assess societal, environmental, health, safety, legal, and cultural issues within local and global contexts, and the consequential responsibilities relevant to professional computing practices.
11. Individual and Team Work:
Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary environments.
12. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Identify a timely opportunity and using innovation to pursue that opportunity to create value and wealth for the betterment of the individual and society at large.

Faculty Details

Name : A M Shivaram
Designation : Associate Professor & HOD
Qualification : BE, ME, MISTE, (Ph.D)
Experience : 29 Years
No of Publications: 5
Area of Interest : System Software, Operating Systems, algorithms, Object oriented analysis and design, computer organization, parallel processing, data structures.
Area of Research: Object Oriented Analysis and Design.
Mail Id :
Contact No: 9845928722
Name : S B Umesha
Designation :Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA
Experience : 17 Years
Area of Interest : Data Structures, DBMS, System Simulation, Image Processing
Mail Id :
Contact No: 9972031011
Name: H K Madhu
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 17 years
Area of interest: Data Structures, Operating Systems, Operation Research, Algorithms, Cloud computing, Software Testing
Mail ID:
Contact No: 998000883
Name: Seema Nagaraj
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 17 years
Area of interest: Operating Systems, Computer graphics, OOP, SE, Java, SAD, Web Programming & Design, ERP,Big Data Analytics..
Mail ID:,
Contact No: 9972302549
Name: K Sharath
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 15 years
Area of interest: Computer Networks, UNIX, Web programming
Mail ID:
Contact No: 8970909305
Name: M Usha
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 15 years
Area of interest: OOMD, SE, C++, COBOL, UID, DM.
Mail ID:
Contact No: 9945655545
Name: N Rajeshwari
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 13 years
Area of interest: Data Warehousing & Data Mining, Computer graphics,, S/W Testing, Multimedia Systems.
Mail ID:
Contact No: 9901419089
Name: C S Swetha
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 13 years
Area of interest: SE, UID, DBMS, ADA, DS, FCO, C++, ST, N\W.
Mail ID:

Contact No: 9980272291

Name: A G Vishvanath
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 13 years
Area of interest: Operating Systems, Data warehousing &data mining, UNIX, Web Programming,System Simulation, Multimedia System.
Mail ID:
Contact No: 9886379599
Name: N R Suma
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 13years
Area of interest: Java, .NET, J2EE, FCO, C++.
Mail ID:
Contact No: 9945647575
Name: M S Sowmya
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA
Experience: 10 years
Area of interest: DBMS, USP, C, UNIX, Python, MIS, FCO.
Mail ID:
Contact No: 9900100244


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